Lidl has become the new Main Partner of the Prague University of Economics and Business

Lidl Czech Republic v.o.s. has entered partnership agreement with VŠE via the Partnership Centre VŠE and has thus become the new Main Partner of Prague University of Economics and Business. Lidl Czech Republic v.o.s. has shown interest in not only supporting student activities and events held by VŠE, but also in cooperating with the Faculty of Management in Jindřichův Hradec and the Department of Logistics of the Faculty of Business Administration where it wishes to actively participate in teaching of certain subjects. In the case of the Faculty of Management in Jindřichův Hradec, Lidl becomes the Main Partner of the Faculty.

On Monday October 31, a formal celebratory meeting with the representatives of Lidl Czech Republic v.o.s., when the company logo was placed on the Partner Board at the entangle to New Building VŠE. Representing VŠE, the meeting was attended by Dennis Billík, the head of Partnership Centre VŠE. Representing Lidl Czech Republic v.o.s. at the meeting were Barbara Kment from the Employer Branding and HR Marketing department and Jana Knotková from the Learning and Development department.

Partnership Centre VŠE falls under the Alumni & Corporate relations and its main objective is to ensure high quality cooperation with current VŠE Partners as well as to acquire new partners. Dennis Billík, head of the Partnership Centre, also commented on the newly concluded partnership with Lidl Czech Republic: “I am glad that thanks to the new dynamics in the area of corporate partnership we have managed to conclude a new Main Partner for VŠE, which is one of the largest retail company in the Czech Republic. I look forward to further collaboration with Lidl Czech Republic and I believe that our students will appreciate the participation of professionals in teaching, but also the planned events organized in cooperation with our new partner company.”