Cooperation between the Partnership Centre VŠE and IAE Lyon, School of Management

From Monday 8 April to Wednesday 10 April, the Partnership Centre VŠE hosted a visit from IAE Lyon, School of Management, Jean Moulin University Lyon 3. We were visited by Mrs. Marlène Rojas from the Corporate Partner Relations Department.

Mrs Rojas visited the Partnership Centre VŠE to exchange know-how in working with corporate partners and to gain inspiration for the implementation of a partnership system at her home university in France. According to Mrs. Rojas, the Partnership Centre VŠE is one of the best of its kind that she could find in Europe, which is why she decided to visit us.

Since Mrs. Rojas visited us during the Innovation Week at VŠE, we decided to arrange a very interesting program for her, where she visited a number of other departments at VŠE, attended lectures from the offer of the Innovation Week and also had a meeting with Vice-Rector Mrs. Machkova, who has extensive experience in cooperation with IAE Lyon, School of Management and through the activities of the French-Czech Institute of Management at VŠE.

IAE de Lyon was founded in 1955. Today, with more than 7,000 students, it is one of France’s largest management training institutions. It has been cooperating with the Prague University of Economics and Business since 1992.