Siemens has become an Important Partner of VŠE

Siemens Global Business Services (GBS) has established cooperation with the Prague University of Economics and Business through the Partnership Centre VŠE and has become an Important Partner of VŠE.

Siemens cooperates with the Prague University of Economics and Business in a number of areas, but especially in the area of cooperation with faculties, where it has long been cooperating with the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics in data programmes, as well as with the Faculty of Business Administration in the courses of the Department of Strategy and in the secondary specialisation ESG, and with the Faculty of International Relations in courses and workshops of selected programmes. In addition to the cooperation with the faculties, Siemens regularly participates in the ŠANCE JobFairs and tries to support other selected events for students that aim to improve the quality of student leisure life at VŠE.

In connection with the establishment of the new partnership, a festive meeting with representatives of Siemens took place on Tuesday 16 April 2024 at the Prague University of Economics and Business. First, a photo session was held at the Partners Wall VŠE, with Dennis Billík, Head of the VŠE Partnership Centre, attending on behalf of the VŠE. A large delegation from Siemens included Aramayis Manasyan (Head of GBS CEE), Adam Kiwalski (Head of GBS CEE Delivery Management), Karoline Margarethe Benzinger (Head of Digital Solutions CEE and Global Head of Digital Advisory), Alexandra Meinicke (Head of GBS CEE Hire-to-Retire Services), Vladimír Homola (Talent Acquisition Partner GBS CEE) and Lorenz Schneck (GBS CEE Purchase-to-Pay Services Performance Management Expert).

After the photo shoot for the PR purposes of the partnership, the representatives of the PR department VŠE had a conversation with Mr. Manasyan, followed by a meeting with representatives of the Faculty of Business Administration, the Faculty of International Relations and Siemens. FBA was represented at the meeting by Václav Stříteský (Vice Dean for Communication and Corporate Relations) and Ladislav Tyll (Vice Dean for International Relations and Director of the CEMS programme), FIR was represented by Ondřej Sankot (Vice Dean for Pedagogy and Development) and Jarolím Antal (Corporate Relations Coordinator). During the meeting there was a very rich discussion on the possibilities of further cooperation, challenges for the future and possible expansion of cooperation in the field of contract research and general support of science and research at the Prague University of Economics and Business.

At the end of the meeting, together with representatives of Siemens, we visited the first day of the ŠANCE Job Fair, where Siemens actively participated.